Tony Tota


  Hoboken NJ native, Tony Tota, started playing the piano at the age of 5 years old. His parents reached to out to a cousin, who at the time was a big band pianist.  The cousin began showing Tony the rudiments of theory of music. Tony then began a regimen of exercises, reading notation, and song learning. 

  By age 14, Tony was already playing complex classical music by Beethoven and Chopin.  But this was the 70's now, and there was much music to be learned.  From Boogie Woogie to Motown, to Rock, and ballads, Tony learned many songs by ear alone…without sheet music.

   At 16, the time for lessons was past and he had already developed a unique style of playing.  After performing with a few bands during the later years, Tony decided to go on his own, and pursued a solo career.  Juggling a full time career on Wall Street, his young family, and his love for the piano, Tony played various restaurants and clubs on weekends to supplement his income.

  After moving to the Woodbridge/Edison NJ area, Tony started attending jam sessions and open mike sessions at various clubs.  Most notably, he became a fixture at the Thursday night Blues Jam at The Blue Moon in South Amboy NJ.  This is where he met Chuck and was asked to join the band.           

  Since 2009, Tony has backed Chuck with his eclectic and distinctive piano playing and backing vocals.  His presence adds a concrete foundation the Blues music displayed by The Chuck Lambert Band.